Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fun Weekend!!

Going up....
Now across...
oohp... almost lost it!!....
And... Down the zipline!!!!
Good friends, good hikes, good memories, good weekend!!
We went to Heber Valley camp and did all sorts of stuff. But more than anything we learned how to balance our lives. It takes a lot to be balanced.... A lot!! But I'm working on it. One day at a time. (There are a lot more pictures... maybe I'll post them later when I'm not so tired.)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

People can be so rude!!

Okay, so my old roommate decided to come and get her furniture out of my living room yesterday, that she left until she could get into her other place. No big deal. Knew it was coming. Sooooo, we were in the market for a new dining set and new couches. We looked on and on mostly to no avail... until we came across a decent looking couch and loveseat set that were super cheap! We called the lady and she told us she sold them. Bummer. Minutes later, however, she called back saying that the person who was going to buy them was being really flaky and she said she would sell them to us!!! Yay! We went over and looked at them and told her we would take them! We have issues around here as far as larger vehicle goes so we told her we would come get them the next day and she seemed fine with it. THEN... this morning we get a text from her saying that she had sold them to someone else and that they had already come to get them. GRRRR!!!! So rude lady! That's called really bad business management! We did venture out this morning and found a dining set for $50. Wow. Crazy stuff.
I wonder if she even feels bad??! I mean, it was like stealing a lollipop from a baby! Hmf!! Rude!

Saturday, August 2, 2008


So I didn't really have any new pictures but wanted to post one even though it doesn't really have to do with anything. :) However it does somewhat symbolize how I feel about life at the current moment as far as relationships go. I am also going to choose to not go into more detail than that.
I just wanted any and all friends of Katie Woods to go check out her blog. Never have I met such a creative and talented blogger!! I laugh so much at the amazing adventures and discoveries of that girl. Just go see for yourself!
This week I had my own adventures of the cyber world. My rommie and were up way too late one night and she had the brilliant idea of getting on to a chat room and mess around with those poor souls who feel they may find their true love hidden in the vast openness of the cyber world. (Poor guys!) So immediately we were "approached" by two young men, both from Oregon. They started by asking questions about life: where you from, how old are you, will you marry me... you know... the usual. We answered the two of them in totally different ways. The one liked the crazy high school approach and the other didn't like the confident "popular girl" approach. We bid them both fairwell by wishing them luck in life, love, relatshinships, (and about ten other words) as well as reminding them to put on sunscreen and look both ways before leaving the parking lot because bikers in flourescent spandex tend to fly out of nowhere. I feel like we left on a very positive note.
Our adventures brought back memories of high school when chat rooms were really big (if that doesn't date me...) sitting in Carly's computer room on her mac, chatting up a storm with random strangers and we had a blast!!!! Ahh, sweet memories.