Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hi again

So I'm trying to play tricks on myself and instead of waiting forever to post the new news... I'll post saying that I have new news, just to remind myself to put up the pictures for it. That way I can't wait too long to put up new pics because I've already promised them... For example:

I WENT SKYDIVING!!!! Yep. I jumped out of an airplane last weekend and also went to the Brian Regan concert at Tuachan. It was a crazy fun weekend. I do have pictures but I don't have them uploaded on my computer yet. So I promise I'll post them soon. (See, now I can't wait too long until my next blog or I'll be breaking a promise!!) Wow. I'm a dork.

Also, things have already ended with Jeff and I. Just wasn't meant to work out I guess. So that means back to single life, dealing with weirdos, and awkward dates. Uhhhhgggg. No bueno. But that's life. What can ya do right!? But don't worry. I'm still smiling!! :D

Monday, May 4, 2009

I've been a bum... as usual. :o)

Okay so I've been a top-of-the-line bum for the last few months and haven't updated my blog. I just have a hard time sitting down and doing it.
My life is still great and I'm happy. I'm working on getting my schedule for fall semester put together and it's kinda stressful since I have to go full time in order for the government to help me out financially; but I have to keep working full time in order to make ends meet. So that limits me to a full schedule of night classes and many of them overlap. Grr. Oh well, I'll figure it out.
As many of you already know, I am officially dating someone. It's been a while since I've dated so this may come as a shock to a few of you. ;o) I had to break a few hearts to make it happen but it happened. He's a wonderful guy named Jeff Kohler and things are going well. Sad to say, I only have one picture of us... I look terrible and he's pulling a really crazy face. So for his sake I won't post it. ;o)
But here are some pictures of what I've been up to. Hope you all enjoy!!

Our little group of St. George girls got together for dinner at Darley's house. It was fun to see everyone and their little families!!
We had a big group of friends com to St. George for a "camping" trip... obviously we weren't roughin' it too hard!! But it was fun and we did spend plenty of time outdoors!! ;)
This was the evil bush that Laura and I fought for 45 min with her little gardening shovel to get out of the ground. As I pulled it out of the ground, Bro. Smith turned the corner and offered the shovel he had in the back of his truck!! Thanks anyway Bro Smith! haha!
These are my babies that took the place of that ugly bush! They are so happy and I am so happy that they are so happy!!! I love white roses!!!
This was in preparation for a Hollywood themed party that I decided to go to at the last minute. I am a back-up dancer for Beyonce and Jessica is Jessica. :) Laura didn't go so she's just Laura too.
Fine. I'll post the nasty picture of Jeff and I. Although it really does resemble the crazy fun relationship we have. We had just gotten done playing that "Rolling Logs" game on the floor where you just roll over each other as you move across the floor... hence the lovely 'do. What a cutie!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Doot do dooo!

I'm pretty much just posting because my last post wasn't exactly the most motivating and positive post in the world and I didn't want it to be the most recent thing on my blog!!
So for now I guess I can just do a regular old update. For those who don't know, I will for sure be heading back to school in the fall. Applications are in and getting ready to do the whole loan thing, etc. I'm kinda nervous cuz it's been years since I've gone to school at all, but way excited to actually start doing something with my life. I've been saying I would do it for a while now but now it's actually gonna happen!!
I'm going to get my bachelor's in Human Family Developement in order to do a special program through the state to become a child life specialist. A CLS is someone who does a lot of nurse to patient communications as well as patient education in the hospitals. It's a really wide range of responsibilities. Anything from teaching the child/patient what to expect in a procedure, or educating parents on things that they themselves can do in treatment and care. I will also help the infant unit with babies who are there long term and make sure that they are still learning to develop motor skills and that they don't just lay there all day. I basically take care of the stuff that the nurses simply don't have time to do.
My two roommates are nurses. One works in the infant unit and the other in pediatric intensive care. They both say that they LOVE their CLS's and that she runs herself ragged with all that she has to do to help the kids. I'M SO EXCITED!!! I am going to love it!! Besides, everything I learn is going to help me be a better mom!! :o)
Anyways, that's enough for now. Until next time. Hopefully by next time I'll have some new pictures!! Smiles.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sorry no cool pictures this time around. I just need to voice something and kind of process some thoughts with all of you as I go...
I'm kinda irritated and all the anti-Obama-ers out there. Yes, there are a few things about him that make us all give him a shady, doubtful look; but get over it! He's our president now so let's make the best of the situation we are stuck with.
There's a lot coming straight at us from all sides and angles and we need to just stop wasting our time with the complaints and whining and use our time getting ready for what we don't even know is coming.... We just know that something is coming.
The end. I'm gonna go do something to get ready for what I don't know... HA!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Years!!!

New Years!!!!! Not really anything exciting. The best part was just looking really hot!!! We went to dinner and party hopped and went back to my house, sat around, and then went to bed. Wow. We are intense!! (kidding) So here are some pics of us looking really hot. I think I gave my number out to three guys!! Ha ha!!! Only have one date from it tho. Oh well. We called ourselves the "Silk Sistas."