Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Craziness!!! So much fun!

After the make-up wore off...

Yep.... I pretty much look wasted on something....

I love this one!!! My sisters do too... Ha!


So I'm a little slow getting my blog updated... as I am with a lot of other things in my life... but we won't go there.

Rachel came up over Labor Day weekend (as many of you already know if you've seen her blog) and we played pretty hard. She seems to bring out the child in us and boy did she this time!!

We started off with just taking crazy pictures with Rachel's friend that was there, then it got to doing the hair all nuts. Then, like any normal girl would do... we had to throw in the make-up turning it into an all-out dress-up party!! We had so much fun making faces and laughing at eachother. I have a really good one of Sara but she would probably kill me in my sleep if I posted it. (still tempted...)

After that got boring, we were still so worked up that we decided to go play in the rain. It was so much fun. We got chewed out by people trying to sleep, we got laughed at by the "mature young adults" in our midst, and we were even joined by some good friends. I love just letting loose of that "mature adult" in me and just making crazy memories that will last me a life time.

Just so you "mature adults" out there know.... you'll never find a good wife that way! Have a little fun for cryin' out loud!!!!! :)