Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sorry no cool pictures this time around. I just need to voice something and kind of process some thoughts with all of you as I go...
I'm kinda irritated and all the anti-Obama-ers out there. Yes, there are a few things about him that make us all give him a shady, doubtful look; but get over it! He's our president now so let's make the best of the situation we are stuck with.
There's a lot coming straight at us from all sides and angles and we need to just stop wasting our time with the complaints and whining and use our time getting ready for what we don't even know is coming.... We just know that something is coming.
The end. I'm gonna go do something to get ready for what I don't know... HA!


*Rach* said...

Can you please share that with you parents!!! For the last two days they have become anti obomaers UGGHHH Im going to email them all and tell them to look at your blog!

Katie Woods said...

Good thought Kaylee. I agree!