Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Almost a year!!

Ha ha! So it looks like it's been a while since I last did anything on this blog. But I thought I'd start to try... again... to do better with it. I was all worried about making sure there were plenty of pictures and such to go on it but I won't worry so much about that as I will just simply updating it.

So... Life is different and a lot has happened within the last year. So if any of you want details you'll have to just ask because I'm going to just start from here on out. Currently I'm in the stress phase of preparing for finals. I have my worst one tomorrow... STATS. Cursed Statistics of Social Research. I have never hated a class with so much of my soul as I do stats. But tomorrow it's the final. I've done so horribly that I just might not pass it and will have to retake it in the summer. However, I am already enrolled in a class with a good teacher and will be taking it with a really good friend of mine. So I am already prepared for the worst. But I'm still crossing my fingers that I will pass and not have to worry about it at all anymore.

I am also on the last few weeks of my calling as Relief Society Secretary. I have mixed feelings about it. It will be really great to have my Sundays back and not have to worry about so much added to my already busy schedule. But then there is the fact that I won't have the opportunity to get to know the girls the way I do now. Well, I will. It will just take a lot more real effort on my part in order to make it happen. I like my calling even though it uses so much time and work. I enjoy caring for the girls on a more personal level.

As far as the dating side of things, I am newly single and ready to get back out there and have some fun, get to know plenty of people, and make more memories. Dating is exhausting. I'm sure ready for my Prince Charming to come riding up on his white horse... Wait... Is there such thing as prince charming anymore?? I'm really beginning to think not. :) Just like there really is no such thing as a perfectly beautiful princess!!


Heather Ball said...

I miss you! Its been too long! We need to get together. We're really only like 3 hours away.

Alisha Whitfield said...

I was in complete shock to see that there was an update on Kaylees Song. At first I thought my eyes had deceived me but I was wrong! Yay for updates! I am glad that things are going well even if they are a little stressful. Remember to keep the Lord involved in everything and it will all work out. Love ya loads!

Breckan said...

I too am surprised to see an update from you, my dear! Hooray! I'm glad you're doing so much and having fun. Sorry about your STATS class, but look at how much you've accomplished!

And as for the hair situation, you know I'm biased to your long beautiful locks. ;) BUT you'd be really cute with a chin-cut and a high a-line (w/thinning!).

Micki said...

NEWLY SINGLE!!???!!! ragga fragga magga...If something bad mysteriously happens to Jon, it wasn't me.