Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Humbled and Happy

I was able to spend some time with Sara, Chrissy and my dad last night because Dad came up to Salt Lake for a meeting. Sara made a yummy dinner and we sat around and laughed about stupid boys while we ate. Sara had just moved into her new apartment and wanted it blessed by the Priesthood so Dad, of course, stepped in willingly. It was an amazing experience as he exercised that power. It was too special to share, but very powerful. Then we went and wandered walmart... us girls in the girl section and dad in sporting goods. :) We got back and helped Chrissy decide on what to do about her overwhelming semester schedule... especially now that she has been called as the Relief Society President in her ward. She has such a golden heart and longs to do the very best she can... almost to the point of completely wearing herself out. We hugged her and loved her, pick her up, motivated her and shared some more tender and spiritual moments.

I am so incredibly blessed beyond words. I look around me everywhere and there are families being ripped to shreds and suffering in agony as they hold on to what little they have left of 'home'. I am so overwhelmingly humbled to realize how rare a thing I have in my family. I feel so much peace and love; a thick, pure, real and lasting love; a true and eternal love for my family. It's something so deep and strong, that when I really try to comprehend it and think about it, I feel a small and uncontrollable giggle rise from the very depths of my heart and ring out of my voice, accompanied by a tear or two of absolute joy. I start to wonder, "How did this happen? How did my family survive the horrible temptations, enticements and distractions that the world has to offer? How is it that we are the way we are?" But almost without hesitation, the memories come flooding back... Memories of the battles over getting everyone knelt down for family prayer. The eyes that rolled when mom would tell us it was time for scripture study. The unexpected fights that would erupt-- just before a special moment would come along; one that could have kept that good experience from happening, but didn't. These simply vital moments kept us close as a family, no matter how 'painful' and exhausting they were.

I have a testimony of the 'small' things. Pray with your family. Go to church. Share your testimony in the most random of moments. Have family home evening every week. Serve together. Be a real true family and don't be afraid to say 'I love you.' It's THOSE kinds of things that have helped me and my family get where we are. This doesn't do them justices, but I LOVE MY FAMILY. It is this kind of a family that I am going to fight for in my future as well.


Micki said...

Yes, we are very, very blessed. That's one of the things I knew I'd miss most when I moved out: those spiritual opoportunities. But now the kids are getting old enough to ask questions and we have some really good conversations. I just find my own opportunities, now. :) Glad you started posting again! :)

Breckan said...

It really does make it easier to envision what you want in your own family someday when you've been blessed with great siblings and parents. Love you!

Katie Woods said...

Great post, friend. Well said.

Chrissy said...

Oh my dear dear family!!! I still rely on that night for strength! Love you so much Kaylee.